Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To be an Artist

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go." William Feather said this and I've found that this is usually true. Every once in a while, you hear of an" overnight success." This doesn't happen all that often, if the truth were to be known. There is usually a foundation that took years to build that "overnight success" upon. Those of us that have the privilege of working in the arts, pay a high price. A price that those looking in from the outside might not realize. That price is paid in perseverance. First of all to be an artist, you have to be a dreamer. Second as artists, we have a vision living in our hearts that is so large, at times it feels like it might burst. That dream and vision is what keeps us going. Sometimes artists are viewed as flaky or unreliable, and sometimes that is true. But for the most part, we are highly disciplined, and are willing to put in the time that it takes to perfect our craft. I am proud and happy to call myself an artist. I'm also proud of my artist friends, that are pursuing their vision while trying to support their families, and to their families that support them in their dream. Singers sing, runners run and artists create. They take something that lives inside of them and they put it out in the world for all to see. Most of the time we are vulnerable, but we create to share. That sharing is the greatest joy. Most of all, we get to do what we love, and in pursuing that love, we find success.


  1. Such a beautiful post! And oh so true.

    Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. Got tied up with a friend all day, and then Richie Poo came home from La La Land.

    How fun you're in Magda's cool shop!! Here's to doing what we love so much!!!!

  2. Wow! Cindy every time your blog brings a tear to my eyes...I guess I feel the emotions that come out of you when you express yourself...I guess this is why I so love your's you, The loving, Caring, Beautiful person you are...I don't just have your Art...I have a piece of your Soul! I love you Vickie

  3. I followed your post on the CPS Facebook page to your blog here, and Wow!
    These words resonate with me deeply at the moment, as an artist who is just trying to find my footings in this industry, trying to push all those images out onto the canvas, trying to let whats inside of me spill forth. Thankyou, you have put a great big smile on my face just in time for bed and sweet dreams.