Friday, January 21, 2011

Camp Ocean Pines

Fireplace at Camp Ocean Pines by Passiflora Mosaics.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of being at one of the most beautiful places on earth, Cambria California. My friends and I, along with about eighty other volunteers, showed up on a crisp morning to mosaic the amphitheater at Camp Ocean Pines, a nonprofit camp and convention center. As we were standing around getting our instruction as to how the day was to go, we could hear the waves crashing and the sea lions barking. After gathering up our tools, gardening stools, and knee pads (thank God for Knee pads!), we hiked up the hill to get our first look at the Coliseum, I mean amphitheater. As you can see from the pictures, we had a big job ahead of us. After more instruction, we got to work placing broken plates, shiny glass, and found objects between the flagstones already placed on the benches. It was a lot of fun. Fred and Donnell of Passiflora Mosaics did a great job of overseeing all the volunteers. Passiflora is the  place to go if you want to take workshops or just purchase beautiful mosaic artwork. I took a weekend class a few years ago and had a blast. After a great lunch provided by the camp, most people got back to work. Not my group, we headed back to town for some fast shopping, and a long drive to another beautiful place, my friend Teree's ranch. What a great weekend.

My husband and I have had these conversions before on what is better an ocean view or a lake view. To be honest I would take either and be happy about it, most people would. I have always been an ocean girl, and Mitch has always thought a lake was more interesting. After experiencing the beauty and tranquility of my friends lakeside ranch, I'm rethinking my preference. Checkout these pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pity Party

I found out this morning that "Remnents of the Past" is full. For you that are not familiar with this show. It is a totally vintage really cool show that happens twice a year. It's very hard to get into. I've been working for months making the perfect samples to submit. Those of you that know me understand what a challenge that was to fit into my busy schedule. I have no bad feelings, just a major mountain of disappointment. Today I'm blue, tomorrow I will be fine. Tomorrow I will be shifting gears and setting a new course. Hopefully I can get in next year. I could use some kind words, if any of you are so inclined to leave a comment. Next time you hear from me, I pinkie promise to be in a better mood.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Wonder

Vickie's Garden

It's a new year and I wonder what will be. I feel excitement in the air and anticipate the new adventure that is just waiting to be revealed. This last year was full of challenges, and I know I've never worked harder in my life. But as I look back a lot was accomplished. At the beginning of 2010 my art was featured in the lobby of the Clark Performing Arts Center. I also had a magazine cover  and won best of show at the Beacon Art Show. That one took me completely by surprise. I almost didn't go to the reception. I decided  to go at the last minute, but should have taken more care with my attire. I had to except my award looking like a vagabond. In the spring I was a vendor at the Seven Sisters Quilt Show. I made a lot of new friends at this event. I also rekindled my love for fabric, and found a new love for all things vintage.  Next came the 2010 season of Art in the Park. There's not a more beautiful venue in all the world than the cliffs at Shell Beach. The weather can be a little iffy, we've learned to come prepared for anything, but still expect to be surprised. In July I spent a fabulous week with some friend and attended the Long Beach Quilt Show. Another friend took my polymer buttons and tags and sold them in her booth, but it was all play and fun for me. Truly one of the best times I've ever had. From September on it's all about Open Studio Tour. In October we had our third Studio Tour, and it was the best ever.  Lots of  friends, food, and new people to meet. Holiday shows and workshops finished off the year. I have many new artistic avenues I want to explore this new year. I look forward to teaching more, and bringing our artistic levels to new highs.  Thanks to everyone that encouraged me in my art this past year. Art what a great ,but crazy journey. Let's see what's next.