Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fantasy Fabric Flowers

Make sure you click on picture to see all the detail.

 I have been having so much fun with fabric. I call these little cream puffs of fabric "fantasy flowers". When you look at all the different textures and colors you can't help but wonder, who's garden they were picked from. Right now I'm making and stockpiling. I'll be showcasing the whole collection of fantasy flowers on everything from lampshades to handbags, pillows, and hair clips. That's going to take a lot of flowers. My favorite store "Serendipity" located in the Village of Arroyo Grande will be selling them. I so love that store!  I'm so proud to be associated with such a cool group of women and such a creative  retail space. In my next post I'll be sharing more about this store and my involvement with it. It's kind of a dream come true.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pewter Candlestick Makeover

What do you get when you cross store bought candlesticks with a bag of trims? You get a whole bunch of wonderful! Last Friday I came across these plain, but beautiful pewter candlesticks. They looked so sad and lonely setting there on the shelf. As I came closer, they seemed to be saying "take us home and make us pretty".  I stayed up late last night stringing the last seed beads and sewing on the last bit of trim. This morning I was happy to find them all dressed up and ready to be delivered to my favorite store. I love it when a project comes together. God is Good! All the Time!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Crimson Valentine Event

Yummy Pink Food

Entryway with my new mixed media canvas.

One of my favorite props.

Love pillows and 12x12 artwork

Dinning room to the right of the entry.

This was my favorite table.

I used an old window as a shelf.

These are the pictures from our first ever "Crimson Valentine Event".  Holly, Melissa, and yours truly (with help from my wonderful hubby), put together our second home show.  Last December, we held "A Crimson Holiday". We are finding these events to be more fun and profitable than the art shows we have been doing. The thing with this, is that you have to do art shows to build a following.  We really want to thank all of you who stopped by.  The "make and take" table was always busy, sorry no pictures of that.  The cake pops were a big hit. I have to tell you there is a learning curve to making these.  We had a bowl, full of 'friends and family' rejects. My son and husband never once complained on their appearance as they popped them into their mouths! We are talking about having a "Mom's Fun Day" type show the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. Let me know what you think about that. Thanks again for your attendance. Without you, we would have been standing around all day eating cake pops!