Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors Gift 2011 Fabric Tree and Magazine Giveaway

Gift 2011 Giveaway
Red and Green Tree Giveaway
If you haven't seen it yet, this years CPS Gifts is available at your local craft and book stores. It's a great magazine, chalk full of creative holiday ideas, and guess what? I'm in it! I wrote one of the "how to" articles on my fabric trees. I'm pretty excited, this is my first article, and I think I've shown it to everyone I know. If I haven't, my husband has, he's very proud. I also love the black and white ornament challenge featured on the front cover. Laurie Mika, one of my favorite artists has some really pretty polymer clay ornaments I look forward to making. There are also some great ideas on wire flower wreaths, blue jean pocket decorations, and some paper ornaments that my daughter has had fun making. Needless to say, I am pretty happy to be a part of this magazine. I love CPS, it's been my favorite publication for sometime now. I would love to giveaway the green and red tree from the article. I will also send a copy of the magazine along with it. If you leave a  comment, you will be put into the drawing once. If you join as a new follower, or post on your blog about the giveaway, you will be entered twice. I will post the winner on December 1st. Check back on that date. Now go out buy that magazine and start creating.   PS:  Thanks for all the phone calls and emails from all over the country about the article. Thanks also to those of you that wrote about the article on your blog. We now share the addiction of cutting circles together. Congrats to Jennifer of Vintage Gwen, you won!