Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simply Serendipity

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Life has so many twists and turns, some good, some not so good. Well, I am very happy to say that I've had a really great turn of events opportunity recently. Just for a little background on my history first. I was a visual merchandiser for twenty years, back before I had kids. After my first was born, I still kept up with a few stores, and also did some staging and interior design. Four years later, sweet little Annie arrived and I just didn't have it in me to work out of the house anymore. That was when I started to dabble with mixed media, and as time went on, I became more involved in that creative adventure. Over the last eight or so years, I have grown as an artist, and I've had some great opportunities to show and sell my art. Along the way, I have been so blessed to meet some really great people. I recently was given the opportunity to help merchandise my favorite store, that just so happens to sell my art! I never really thought about going back into merchandising, but here I am. I have to say that I'm one happy woman.  How great is it to merchandise your own product! It is really the best of both worlds. I just want to thank Karrie and the Girls at Serendipity for welcoming me and making me feel so at home.  The above pictures are of a new section that we totally changed yesterday. It is ready for Spring and you might just notice that it features my artwork and fabric flowers. The store recently filmed a thirty minute infomercial, and I was one of three featured artists. I haven't seen it yet, so I can't comment on it, but it was  really a fun day filming it. So, the short of this story is to trust God and His timing. Keep moving forward with your gift and in your dreams, because all of your life experiences will eventually come together and God will use you in a way that you never thought possible. You will be so blessed that you will not be able to contain your joy, and it will then spread to those around you. Sorry for such a long post. Thanks to those of you that read it, be blessed.  PS:  I will share more merchandising pictures from other parts of the store at another time. This post was so pretty in it's pink and green, I didn't want to mess it up.