Monday, September 27, 2010

Please Don't Kill Another Bougainvillea!

Life is a little crazy right now. It's always that way, but now it's off the hook crazy. I'm trying to make enough product for two shows I have this weekend. Plus, I have Open Studio Tour in three weeks.I'm so thankful that north county has the first weekend this year. That gives me an extra week. It might take me that long just to clean my house! For those of you that don't know me well, I'm a perfectionist, everything has to be perfect for open studio: the house, the yard, the food and don't forget lots of art and gifty things to buy. Just today, I was thinking that it would be a lot less work if I got a real job. But what can I do? Well, I can take nothing and turn it into something. I'm not sure there's a lot of call for that kind of thing, but if there is, I'm your girl. I could get a job in an office, but I'm not that great at taking phone calls and you don't even want me around a copy machine. Whenever someone hands me a paper and says those terrifying words to me "Will you make some copies?", I just break out in a cold sweat. It usually takes me three times to get the paper in the correct way. So I have to quickly stuff the upside down sideways copies in my pocket, so no one will be wise to my office skill deficiencies. People sometimes say to me "Is there anything you can't do?" My answer is, "Yeah, a lot!" I can't make copies, as you all now know, and I have planted about 50 bougainvillea plants over the last 30 years, and none of them lived. I'm also not a great typist and I tend to forget numbers, as in phone, license,and social security. I probably should stick with what I do best, making something out of nothing. I will be busy doing this over the next few weeks. Come by and visit my studio in October, and make sure you notice my freshly planted bougainvilleas.

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  1. Ok, I think you must be my long lost sister! I have been complaining for years now that I just can't make these beautiful bougainvillas last, or even grow for that matter. I finally figured too hot in the summer, frost in the winter. Duh!! And yes, I definitely talk faster than I type. One thing I can do however is make copies. Selling copiers (even 12 ft long babies that run at 135 copies per minute)is what I do, other than my jewelry therapy. You just let me know when you need copies and I'm your gal. Cindy,you never fail to amaze me with the new pieces you come up with and the speed at which you do it. You should definitely stick with your "making something out of nothing" job, because you are fabulous at it. By the way, many thanks for the gift you sent home with Sandy. It has a prominent spot in my studio, Love it!! By the way, your little framed "Hope" and "Love" pictures are wonderful. Are you listing them on Etsy?