Friday, September 10, 2010


What is home? When asked this question, a different image will come to each of us. It can mean walking through the door on Thanksgiving, and smelling your Grandmother's cooking. To some, it might be the laughter of children. Whatever home means to you, it usually is a place of sanctuary. A place you can be yourself and be accepted for that self you are. Home is where your heart is, or where your treasure is stored. Home is the place we all seek, and our hearts are warmed when we find it. Home can be a house in the middle of the block. It can be the state or country you were born in. Sometimes, home can even be a place of mind. To me, home is the place you come back to after vacation. No matter what great things you experienced or saw while you were away, there is nothing that compares to walking through the front door, and feeling that sense of home. There is nothing that can compete with the comfort of your own bed. No wake up call is as affective as your four legged child putting a stinky dog toy in your face at six in the morning. I'm blessed to live in a beautiful house, that in fact is, in the middle of the block. I have also lived in apartments, and once, in an old house that would have fallen down, if the termites had all let go of their hands at the same time. Home is more than a roof over your head. Home is family, love, and acceptance. Home may not always be peaceful, if mine is any example. But I usually find peace there, none the less. What does home mean to you?


  1. Hi Cindy....Great pictures and so colorful.As always great story with such depth. I need a house for a house warming gift for my friend Linda...Her last name is Buchanan. Hugs Vickie

  2. LOVE the colors and general appeal of your new blog! Nice work, Cindy!

  3. My home, my sanctuary, my special place in the world, the place where my heart sings, my zone to breath, to create and be my truest self.
    Come join me!

  4. Adorable little cottages! Think you could do this on the front of our "house"??

    Home is wherever my man is, and my furry companions. And my bed. Definitely where my bed is...