Monday, July 19, 2010

Surfs Up

This weekend my family stepped back in time. My husband and I took our kids to the Santa Barbara County Fair to see the Beach Boys. It was a long wait and standing room only, but we had a great time. There are only two original members left, but the music still sounds the same. My kids are familiar with the band from '"Full House" reruns. They watch that show like I used to watch "I Love Lucy". Besides that, you can't live at the beach and not be exposed to 1960's beach music, no matter what decade it is. We live near one of the last beaches that you can still drive on. We love to jump in our truck and drive on the sand while "Wipe Out" is playing at full volume on the CD. Oh ya, all the windows have to be down, no matter how cold it is outside. At the concert, I enjoyed the surf songs the best, especially listening to "Little Surfer Girl", while holding my surfer girl, Annie. Of course, Mitch and Austin liked the hot rod songs the best . It was fun watching everyone dancing and singing to songs they probably listened to as a teenager. We especially enjoyed the man right in front of us. He was in his own little world, twisting and dancing like he was on a surf board, back in the day. As we walked away, the music still playing in the background, Austin, our 14 year old turned to us and said " Well, that was worth the wait." I had to agree with him.

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