Thursday, July 15, 2010

Full Walls

Well, all the walls in my studio are full, as is the rest of my house. What's an artist to do ? Make things that hang from the ceiling, that's what. What do you think about my wacky mobiles? I started off with copper wire from the hardware store. Using pliers, I bent the wire into free form figure eight and curly shapes. I used 18 gauge on the largest one and wire about the size of a coat hanger for the other three. Next, I made little silk hearts and strips of silk to hang the wire frames from. I have never gotten rid of a single piece of jewelry, since I was a child. I decided this project was worthy of my 1970's puka shell necklace (I've dated myself haven't I?). I got down my childhood ballerina jewelry box, (ballerina still turns) to retrieve this cherished treasure. I also have been collecting these really cool charms I found at Michael's, called "Industrial Chic". They are perfectly named little bits of heaven. Nuts and bolts with a new trendy twist. So with some old and some new, and a lot of glass beads, this project was at full speed. When all was said and done, the necklace sacrifice was worth it. It took me three days to make four mobiles and four days to clean up the mess. I'm going to keep the largest one, give one to a friend, and put the other two on my Etsy site, Check it out!


  1. I especially love the TV remotes in your work space, Cindy.