Monday, July 19, 2010

Sixty Four In a Box

As artists or as people in general, we go through different phases. Some of the artistic phases have to do with mood. That mood can be expressed through color. I love all the colors of the rainbow or better yet, the colors in the 64 box of crayons. I know they come in bigger boxes now. But when I was a kid, 64 was the magic number. I've heard or read other artist talking about the wonder of this special little gold and green box. I'm no exception to this. My brother, sister, and I would each get a new box every Christmas. It may have never been the first toy played with that morning, but it was the one played with most throughout the coming year. One of my fondest memories is of the three of us spending most of the day playing in a little front yard pool. After too much fun and sun, we came into the house, took off our wet bathing suites, and put on our Dad's white tee shirts. The rest of the day was spent laying on the living room floor, coloring and watching cartoons. It's funny how we remember the simple times when we look back. Open a box of crayons, take in that unique waxy smell, and see what childhood memory comes back to you. I started talking about different phases at the beginning of this paragraph, but got a little side tracked. Sometime I use earth tones in my art and sometimes it's all about green, my true favorite color. This year however, it's got to be bright. Big, bright, and cheerful, that's the artistic phase I'm in right now. Here are some examples, hope you enjoy.


  1. It was by coincidence that I landed at this site, your blog. I am delighted that I did as I have become a huge fan of your art since I first saw it 3 yrs ago while displayed on the walls at church. I was never so impressed with art from polymer clay as I have been with your works of art. You have an incredible eye for color and the use of metallics. Keep up the great work and hire a gardner to plant your bouganvillias. I hope I get a chance to see your studio with Open Studio. Would LOVE for you to consider offering classes!
    Susan from Los Osos

  2. Hi Susan, You wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and I just found it this morning. Thanks for the kind words. I will be teaching workshops this coming year. Thanks again, Cindy

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