Friday, July 30, 2010

Artful Adventure

I hope you missed me, but not too much."Where have you been?" you ask. Where haven't I been, I answer. A dear friend that lives in southern California, opened up her beautiful home to six wild, creative, and a little bit crazy women. So that makes seven women, two dogs, and one man. Did I mention that my friend's husband, Ray, is a saint? The main reason we traveled south was to attend the Long Beach Quilt Show. If we would have only gone to the quilt show, I would have come home creatively inspired. But in the six days I was away, every moment was filled with an artful adventure. One of the places we visited, was a piece of merchandising paradise, called 'Roger's Gardens', located in Corona del Mar. I was a visual merchandiser for twenty some years, so walking into Roger's was like walking back into one of my favorite times of life. I love merchandising so much, I would almost pay someone to let me do it again. Every once in a while, I do an art show or a home studio tour and I get to merch my own product, now that's a blast. I hope you enjoy the tour of 'Roger's Gardens' through my eyes.

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  1. I wanna' go! It's beautiful. I can see why you were in heaven strolling around such an artful environment. Glad you're back and had a great time!!!