Thursday, October 6, 2011

Open Studio 2011 Preview

 Well, it's only a week away:  Open Studio 2011. I look forward to this event all year, but as it approaches, I always stand in the middle of my studio and yell, "One more week, I just need one more extra week!"  This year I was so sure that I would be ready on time,  I committed to a Friday night reception, as an early bird customer appreciation. I hope this is well attended.  If you get my card, you will have the info, if not, it is from 6-8 pm.  My address is in the catalog.  As usual, I have a little of this and a lot of that.  Something old, something new, something borrowed and lots of blue.  If anything else, you have to come by and see the walkway I made from broken concrete, it's really cool.  I also will be more organized with my workshop signups.  Last year I just took names and tried to put together classes on the phone.  Now I know that this is very time consuming, and nearly impossible to work around everyone's schedule.  Sorry to those that were disappointed. Come by and please give me another chance.  I have some great new classes in mind, and I will definitely teach the tempered glass and polymer clay workshops.  Well, I need to get back to work, I have a zillion things to do, and only one more week to do them in.

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks so much for the post card about Open Studios. So funny that we were having the same experience at the same time. I hope your event was successful. Look at all of your wonderful art! Very impressive and beautiful. Can you believe how exhausting AND exhilarating open studios can be?