Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Cream For Breakfast


Today was "International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day".  Is this a great country or what? Wait, it gets better. If you show up in your jammies, the maple bacon ice cream in a waffle cone, made for this special day, was free. So Annie and Dad, the ice cream lovers in our family, set off to the village of Arroyo Grande to find this cold treat. On any given day, as you drive through the village, you will probably see a line formed on the sidewalk in front of Doc Burnstein's, a favorite ice cream hangout. But today the line looked a little different, most everyone, adult and child alike were in their PJ's.  Most of the parents there probably thought it was a great memory making event, as my husband did. Besides that, who can turn down free dessert, especially at 9:30 AM. So hats off to the Doc, and all the fun parents of the central coast.

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