Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wool Roving and Polymer Clay

Wool and polymer, what an unlikely pair. This proves that polymer can be added to most any medium, and that medium will be enhanced by it. This is one of those projects that came out completely different on it's completion, than it started in my head at the beginning. As artists, we understand that the creative process can take on a mind of it's own. This is a perfect example of that. I started out with the tree trunk. I loved it's aged, weathered appearance. At some point, I realized the tree had gone from majestic to whimsical. Knowing I was at the point of no return, I continued on through Never Never Land, knowing I could never bring this piece back to reality. It reminds me not to take myself or my artful journey to serious. It's  like those moments you want everything to be so proper, then one of your kids burp and the moment is gone, never to be seen again. But that moment turns out to be the one that brings laughter to you every time you think of it. I just hope I'm the one laughing and not the judges, when I submit this piece. Last year I won best of show. This year I just want to bring a smile to someones face.


  1. WOW....I needle felt (dry) and love clay and have never thought to put the two together. How unique and AWESOME!!!

    I didn't have an email for you and I didn't want to post on the OWOH again (don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to get my name in the hat twice..LOL) To answer your questions....yes I make Santas. I hand sculpt the head, hands and feet/shoes. You can see some I have done if you go back to some of my post let's say starting with maybe October and about that time 2009 too. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. I love to share.


  2. I never thought to put those two together! Love how it turned out!

    btw...id love to trade ATCs sometime!