Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Window Remix

 I recently purchased 3 vintage windows, they are beautiful in their own right, but I had this vision in mind, to glam them up. Here is the first one. These are not the best pictures, I hope the details show. I placed tempered glass over the paned glass, so you can see through both. I'm really happy with it and look forward to fixing up the other two. I'm knocking around the idea of using all white on one and maybe a tree on the other. Do you have any other ideas? 


  1. Oh Cindy...Love the window...If you need the others call for the code to the garage/ I love the vintage roving...I think I will steal the white on white oneLOL. Happy St. Patricks Day////Miss the family and you.....Hugs Vickie

  2. Very nice job! I decorated a couple of vintage windows about 3 years ago using mosaic glass pieces as well as some of the larger mosaic half marbles. I did a mixture of colors & it turned out gorgeous. That hangs in my kitchen today. I still have a couple more windows out in the garage to do again one of these days. I found it to be such a fun project! I thought yours were so cool as they are completely different from mine. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Cindy, this turned out so beautiful! I totally can see this hanging somewhere in my home.