Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Drama

Annie's Birthday Banner
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 Well I am happy to report that we all survived the sleepover of 2011. Take one room, add a bunch of 5th grade girls, and what do you get? A boat load of drama. It brought back so many memories of my sleepover days, some good, some not so. Don't get me wrong, these are all great, kind, fun loving kids. But when they are all mixed together with cake, ice cream, and soda, something just goes wrong. I knew I was in for a long night, when a sleeping bag arrangement couldn't be made. I now understand why committees take days, weeks even  to make decisions. Without a little mom intervention, those girls would still be arguing about which movie to watch. I found that some of the girls, didn't understand the concept of compromise. It was their way or tears.  The Wii dance game was a lifesaver, lots of  songs, lots of  room to dance,and lots of energy to burn. All in all it was a great time, and Annie felt special and loved. Next year I'm thinking we can pack all that special love into a three hour party, and have one friend at a time sleepovers. It's strange my 15 year old son has had a few sleepover parties ( they call them sleepovers, but they never sleep) this last summer, and none of his friends argued about what movie to watch, or cried when things didn't go their way. My husband, who is an only child, was baffled by the whole drama. It's now Monday morning, everyone is at work or school. I think I'll have some left over birthday cake for breakfast and dance to my favorite songs on the Wii. If you have ever had birthday drama, leave a comment. I could use a laugh.


  1. Wow Cindy ! Glad you survived lol !

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss Annie!! Enjoy your breakfast, one of my favorites!


  3. I always say "one day I'll have plenty of time to sleep, clean and do anything I want" as for now, our lives are FULL of girls, boys and amusing drama. Mark my words, we will miss it someday my friend......

  4. There was the drama (for lack of a better word) of a different sort with the boys, but none-the-less something to cherish and laugh about later on. I'm glad you had fun on your special day. Happy birthday my friend. Love you, Holly

  5. Wow, that looks like one swanky party! Love the decorations.

    Oh yes, little girls are much trickier than little boys. I always wanted six girls, but I only ended up with one, and on some days I didn't even want that one. The hormones were a raging! But I have to say, now that she's all grown up, we're the best of friends. So I guess we both survived the teen years without too much collateral damage.

    Thanks for joining me - I returned the favor!
    (and yes, both of the twins are funny!)