Monday, October 25, 2010

Messy House Full Heart

This is Monday morning after Open Studio Encore weekend. I'm sitting here in my jammies writing this post and feeling so thankful for the great studio tour this year. I have at least a million other things I could and should be doing, but I first wanted to thank everyone that stopped by my studio this year. I really want to thank those that came by a second time and brought a friend(s) back with you. I really feel like I met some people that I'm going to be life-long friends with. I'm also looking forward to teaching my workshops, and getting to know you all better. Last night, I counted 96 names on my sign up list for classes. We'll have a lot of fun and all learn new things from each other. Well, I need to get up and at least make the bed, or maybe just get back into it. I can get started putting the house back together tomorrow. Today, I might just kick my feet up and take it easy. For those of you that know me, know this is just nice talk. I have way to many things bumping around in my head to just take it easy. But whatever I do today, I do it with a full heart, because I have the greatest job in the world! I also would like to thank Artsobispo, my business would not be what it is without the Open Studio Tour.


  1. Hello Cindy!!! I came across your blog by a link from Louise Gale about story telling. Boy do you have wonderful stories.. I loved reading about the 3 French sisters. You truely have a way with stories.

    I also love you artwork. You colors are so beautiful and bold.

    Thank you for the stories of your grandmother. I really got a good chuckle ;)

  2. Hey Cindy~

    Not sure when the day for the next Remnants is. Judy posts it on her blog eventually so keep checking. Always on a Saturday.

    Now go clean your mess up!!!

  3. oooh love your stories! thanks so much for popping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Your artwork above is so colorful and joyous too....simply lovely. :-)

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