Monday, July 18, 2011

"Wire" my new addiction

My finger tips may never be the same. I can't begin to tell you how many spools of wire I've twisted in the last few weeks. It started out innocently enough, I thought it would only be one little wire birdhouse, but no, I was hooked the first time I felt the cool smoothness between my fingers. Now I hangout at the local  hardware store, just looking for the right gauge 18, 20, 24, I love them all. My hands just have to be busy all the time, they never just let me sit still, they have to be twisting something, it might be a birdcage, a house, or maybe a flower. Whatever it is, I love to see the end result. Well this strange addiction has taken me into a new type of mixed media, that I'm really enjoying. It has been a great addition to the vintage line of art I've been working on. Several of these framed pieces were sold to a great store in Arroyo Grande called "Serendipity". They look lovely hanging on their pale green walls. Time to stop writing, I hear the wire calling.

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